Photographing the milky way!

Like many of you I too wanted to photograph the milky way.

It’s pretty simple, you take a DSLR, up the ISO to 800-1600 and open the aperture completely then set shutter speed to 15-25 seconds. And snap! You have a milky way photo, right?

Wrong. Long time ago I used to think that way. But it all changed when I bought my first DSLR a year ago and tried shooting the milky way. No matter what I did I could never even catch a glimpse of it, even after editing in Photoshop.

What was I doing wrong?

Actually, only one thing. I was choosing the wrong time.

Yesterday I shot my first milky way photo:


More popping out version:


Another photo from slightly different angle:

This way at 7-8pm. And camera stats was: ISO-1600, F/3.5, 15 seconds. If I remember correctly.

I’d tried this very combination several times in the past but I never got the desired results. Yesterday though, I could actually see the milky way with my naked eyes. It’d showered and the sky was probably lot cleaner than it’s used to be.

I live near a coal washery dump and conveyor runs along the road, hence we have both dust and light pollution. Moreover, last year I tried photographing the night sky only after October. While I’d read somewhere that our place gets good views during September. Anyway, I don’t think one month would make a difference, but who knows?

I’m gonna try taking pictures tonight again (if the sky is clear) to see if I can get better shots.

Stay tuned and share your opinions about these photos in the comment box below.

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